8:15 Staff arrives

8:30 Students arrive and go to breakfast

8:55 Students go to class

9:00-9:10 Morning Announcements

9:10 Academic instruction begins

11:30-12:00 4th Grade Lunch (Recess 12:00-12:30)

12:10-12:40 5th Grade Lunch (Recess 12:40-1:10)

2:50-3:05 4th/5th Grade Afternoon Recess

3:15 Students prepare for dismissal

3:20-3:30 Official School Dismissal

LATCHKEY: We provide busing to and from Avalon and Alpine Elementary Schools. Please contact the latchkey office by calling 365-5891.  

Parent Consultant

Parent Consultants work collaboratively with the principal, counselor, staff and other parents to develop parent engagement plans for the school.

Our parent consultant is Sylvia Skipper
You can contact her at 614.368.8815 or 

The Guide to Student Success
Follow this link to download a copy of The Guide to Sudent Success. The guide contains all of the do's and don'ts in CCS. It also has four forms that need to be returned to school at the beginning of each school year. 


1. All Medication Authorization for Administering Medications both prescribed and over the counter), Inhalers and Epi-pens MUST be renewed each year in order to be administered by school personnel.

2. A "Form 1" for School Bus transportation from or to a childcare address MUST be completed each year. Buses are routed from students' home addresses. Parents must complete and sign a "Form 1" to request a change in transportation.

3. All forms sent home with students the first day of school must be completed and returned to school. Children may not attend field trips without properly completed forms on file.

4. Absence notes and/or doctor excuses must be provided to excuse a child's absence or tardiness. Please remember to call the school by 9:00 AM if your child will be absent.

Special Education Services:

Section 504 Information

Section 504 is a federal law designed to protect the rights of individuals with disabilities and requires public school districts to provide a free appropriate public education to each qualified student within the school district. Click on this link for the CCS Section 504 Manual containing policies, guidelines and forms and to learn more about 504 services.

Students Receiving Special Education Services Progress Report Dates

Progress reports for students receiving special education services will be sent home eight times during the 2015-2016 school year. These progress reports directly address the goals of your child’s Individualized Education Plan (IEP), and are different from the regular report card you also receive.

The dates you are to receive those reports are posted on the Columbus City Schools e-calendar that is on the District's website and all school websites.

If you do not receive a specific IEP Progress Report for your student, please contact the principal who will be happy to provide you with a copy.

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